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Like a Virgin :iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 0
The White Thing by Rionionin The White Thing :iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 10 Fox and Wolf by Rionionin Fox and Wolf :iconrionionin:Rionionin 1 0 Dandelions by Rionionin Dandelions :iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 2
Human Animals
It is a perpetual paradox
that humans
are the most inhumane
of all creatures.
No horse would kill another,
simply for having a different shade of fur.
No dog would travel round the world,
to pick a fight for a reason it did not know.
No cat would prance through the forest,
as if it were the only thing alive.
No ape would start a social war,
over another wanting as a mate
something it would not have chosen for itself.
No. Humans do.
Humans are the only ones,
sentient and stupid.
Humans are the only ones
capable of being inhuman.
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 1 0
Hug Me -stupidfox contest- by Rionionin Hug Me -stupidfox contest- :iconrionionin:Rionionin 16 7 Stormy by Rionionin Stormy :iconrionionin:Rionionin 2 24 Twilight Petals by Rionionin Twilight Petals :iconrionionin:Rionionin 1 3 Fallen by Rionionin Fallen :iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 1 Abandoned by Rionionin Abandoned :iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 0
I click.
The crumbs sprinkled over the black blanket twinkle and twirl with delicious seduction. The cool grey crystal shafts of light caress my skin. Softly sighing, a sleepy wind yawns in the trees. Muscles in my legs clench, twitch, tense, and then I push off.
I flip.
I delight in the silver shadows flitting through my hair. The trees spread a slow scene of hunger. It slowly fades.
I click.
The trees are back. Buzzing, biting fairies dance through the delicate moonlight alongside their glowing cousins. They sing their joy of a human feast as I watch them longingly. They chase and tag, zagging to and fro.
I flit.
I twirl through their swirls as we dance to the tune of a hunting song. They are fading.
I click.
They are back. I dive towards them, striving for their flesh. My wings embrace them, flicking them gracefully into my mouth. They cloud in panic. My brethren are here, and we are hungry.
The fairies are gone. Dawn will soon appear. All joy happens in an insta
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 0
The Clematis Metaphor
Your sprit quenches me.
I grow stronger with you nearby.
You are my sweet rain,
rain of triumph and passion.
Your spirit supports me.
I grow taller with you nearby.
You are my strong support,
support of ardor and animosity.
Your spirit is healing me,
I grow saner by the day.
With you by my side,
and I by yours,
we can do wonders for each other.
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 7
Waltz of Romanticism
Every breath you take,
I become breathless.
You steal my heart, my soul,
my being; I am helpless.
You are a part of me
and you are mine.
We draw closer together with every step
we take in our waltz through time.
Our minds swirl together in perfection.
You complete me, and I, you.
For the first time, I love someone.
Can't you tell who?
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 2 1
At Times, I Crave Reason
At times, I crave the calming effect
of extremes.
There are times when I wish to feel my own pain,
followed immediately by a strange numbness.
On some days, I long for the past,
and all its tragedies.
There are those days when I want to dig up the hatchet,
the knife, and slice my skin again.
Those days when I want to feel my life pumped
out of my body by the force keeping it alive.
Those days when I want blood to slide
down my forearms, to my hands and waiting tongue.
The tumultuous waves of inner agony,
the placid streams of plasma and cells,
are equals.
Who is to say that cutting is bad,
when the alternative is just as deadly?
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 22
titleless poem
The burn of acid in my throat,
I'm spitting at the bitter taste of my core.
Regret overwhelming my very being,
I'm silently reaching for another bottle.
Throat working against my pain, I can feel it starting to work, now.
Mein Hetz brennt nicht, denn ich habe viele Tums Antacid! *
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 3
Misanthropic Love
Do you really not know
the depth of my passion for you?
You apologize for your rants,
yet nothing could keep me
from smiling at your words.
Can you truly not comprehend
how deep my love runs?
The misanthrope has fallen to clichés,
for you are my one and my only,
the only one whom I could ever love this way.
:iconrionionin:Rionionin 0 3


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Corps, crane et amortisseur :iconnidhaladn:nidhaladn 978 44
Broken Wall by Atoook Broken Wall :iconatoook:Atoook 1,283 69 .Silver Hoax. by mooki003 .Silver Hoax. :iconmooki003:mooki003 2,357 221
Moth wings
With no alarm
she dances through the bony air,
eyes like a hungry child
slobbering at the first scent of knowledge.
Glistening off of those eyes–
the very sight of it–
the taste that all greedy minds crave.
She flutters towards it,
light peaks through her delicate wings
like how it flickers under the water's surface,
an angel ascending into heaven
easily and swiftly crushed
by the capital hand
that shadowed behind such heavenly light–
with all intention of crushing the wings of innocence –
and with a clear conscience,
as a moth is to a hand as what a person is to the universe.
Isn't it painless for a hand to swat forth
and drop a bomb from a plane thundering over a burning city
because it can't see the suffering it causes?
Wouldn't it be immaterial, then,
for a puissant hand
to drop one from heaven?
Moths that are dazed by the beauty of light
are not seldom blind
to the torment that it's agent to.
:iconandrewpom:andrewpom 174 124
Pyrography - Moon-gazing Hare Tealight Holder by BumbleBeeFairy Pyrography - Moon-gazing Hare Tealight Holder :iconbumblebeefairy:BumbleBeeFairy 1,440 117 The Immortal II by CookmePancakes The Immortal II :iconcookmepancakes:CookmePancakes 2,246 116 End of the Rainbow by AnnMarieBone End of the Rainbow :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 5,604 636 L 12 by halb-blind L 12 :iconhalb-blind:halb-blind 732 68 Need a filling? by Essy-Ex Need a filling? :iconessy-ex:Essy-Ex 2,280 305 Shrine by LitLoud Shrine :iconlitloud:LitLoud 2,521 104


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I am Void
United States
Current Residence: Hölle
Favourite genre of music: Operetic/Symphonic metal, "goth" music
Favourite photographer: Nigel Barker and Man Ray ( Emmanuel Radnitzky)
Favourite style of art: The Awesome Ones!
MP3 player of choice: My computer
Personal Quote: "I can't; I hate the magical pizza fairy!" - Sharadyn
  • Listening to: my heart beating
  • Watching: the future unfold around me
  • Playing: with my life
  • Drinking: the sight of possibilities
To anyone who might read this/care: I am in a weird, bubbly spirit for the first time in longer than I can remember. I don't want this day to end at night, but instead take flight into a new kind of life. Unfortunately I don't have the right connections or people around me f,or that to happen, but it's only FOUR DAYS UNTIL PRIDE so maybe stuff will happen there. I hope so. I haven't broken out of my shell completely yet and I probably won't for several years yet, but some pretty big holes have been knocked in it recently and the tarnished tatters of my self are going to take advantage of it.
I have only the crazy dickishness of a cowardly idiot to thank for all of this.
To you: You'll never read this note, but thank you. You have gained my respect, my loyalty, and my everything. I gambled and risked a lot with you. I don't know what I expected to get, but even though I lost a lot, in the end what I got was probably one of the greatest things possible. It's strange; many people might be put off or think that what's happened is terrible or at least the definition of 'that sucks, man,' but to be honest, it's quite possibly the greatest things to have ever happened to me. So thank you. Now get your ass back up here soon so I can bake you cookies and souffles!

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